Kit Carson School

Daily Bulletin


March 18, 2019



1.      Please keep all dogs off the school lawn!!!!  Thanks….


1.    If any staff member capable of driving baseball or golf athletes to Eads and/or Cheyenne Wells, please see Mr. Framel.

2.    Please release Eads Baseball players today at 11:00 a.m.  Those students are TJ, David, Jayden, Cordell and Sullivan.

Staff & Students:

1.    The replacement of the 2 current gyms will not happen until the fall of 2020.  That leaves another year’s use of current gyms.  STREET SHOES SHOULD NOT BE WORN ON THE GYM FLOORS.


2.    Students, please be aware that eligibility will be ran every Monday at noon.  If any JH students have one F at that time, you will be ineligible for the remainder of that week.  If any HS students have 2 F’s they will be ineligible for the remainder of that week.


1.     Total received for Pennies for Patients was $356.85.  Thank you so much for your support.                                                                        .                     

2.     Today, Eads HS Baseball at Springfield at 3 p.m.


3.     Today, Health Grant meeting at 6 p.m.                     


4.     Mar.  19th, Board Meeting at 7 p.m.   


5.     Mar. 20th, Wildcat Youth Council at 12:27


6.     Mar. 21st, Down Syndrome Awareness Day 


7.     Mar. 21st, Eads HS Baseball at Eads vs Crowley County at 4 p.m.


8.     Mar. 22nd, FFA CDE at Weld County all day.


9.     Mar. 23rd, CW HS Baseball in CW vs Idalia at 1 p.m.


10.   Mar. 23rd, HS Track in Lamar


11.   Mar. 26th, CW HS Baseball at Manzanola at 3 p.m.


12.   Mar. 27th, Eads HS Baseball at Eads vs Holly at 3 p.m.       


13.    Mar. 28th, FFA Rent-A-Hand Dinner and Auction at 6:30 p.m.


14.    Mar. 29th, Eads HS Baseball at Eads vs Granada at 3 p.m.


15.    Mar. 30th, CW HS Baseball at CW vs Otis/Springfield at 11 a.m.


16.    Mar. 30th, HS Track at Pueblo


17.    April 6th, Prom Banquet and Dance              

LUNCH  TODAY                         LUNCH  MAR 19             

BBQ Chicken Sandwich             Tacos                        

Fries                                               Beans                           

Pears                                             Peaches                   

Milk                                                Milk